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Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

Procedure in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Ear Pinning (Otoplasty) Surgery

An ear pinning surgery, also known as an otoplasty, is designed to correct overly protruding or prominent ears and position them so they are fitted closer to the head. The goal of an otoplasty is to allow patients to feel less self-conscious about their appearance afterwards.

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Otoplasty Surgery: Are You A Candidate?

Most adults who wish to change the appearance of their ears are suitable for an otoplasty, however children as young as five or six may also benefit from the procedure. Ear cartilage is more pliable in children than adults, making the procedure very simple to perform on children, and most doctors recommend that children with prominent ears undergo otoplasty in their youth instead of adulthood in order to avoid unnecessary ridicule and related psychological issues.

Your Ear Pinning Surgery

A typical otoplasty takes around 2 hours to complete. Adults going under ear surgery are usually placed under local or sedation anesthesia, whereas children are typically placed under general anesthesia to prevent them from moving to much during the operation.

Incisions are placed behind each ear in the natural creases where the ears meet the head. Ear skin and cartilage may be removed or repositioned depending on your unique needs, and sutures will be used to close the incisions and hold your ears in place at their new positions.

Results and Aftercare for Otoplasty Surgery

After ear pinning surgery, soft dressings are placed on each ear and should remain in place for a least a few days. A headband may also be recommended to help hold your ears in their new positions for a few days to a few weeks. The initial recovery period following ear surgery is usually 1-2 weeks. During this time most temporary side effects such as bruising, swelling and discomfort should subset.

Throughout the otoplasty recovery period, it is imperative that patients avoid all activities during which their newly reshaped ears may be damaged, such as side-sleeping or participating in contact sports. Within about 2-3 months, final otoplasty results should be visible and all activity restrictions can be lifted.